Dun Unicorn

Dun Unicorn

This is my working draft illustration of a medieval dun unicorn for my latest blog on Words & Pictures (link is found below). Traditionally, the medieval unicorn is goat, ass or small horse with a horn on its forehead.

Moreover, it is important to note that not all unicorns were white. In a famous scene of a hunt for a unicorn from the Rochester Bestiary (circa 1230), the beast is pale brown.

unicorn and virgin Rochester Bestiary

In The Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn Representing Annunciation (1489) by Martin Schongauer depicts a small, brown unicorn.

unicorn brown Martin Schongauer 1489 copy

My illustration for the Words & Pictures blog, however, is based upon a beautiful dun coloured unicorn with white spots from the tapestry fragment Wildweibchen mit Einhorn (The Wild Woman and the Unicorn), Strassburg, Germany dating circa 1500.

Wild woman unicorn Alsace Germany c1500 02 copy


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