All Hallows Eve 2017

Samhain 2017

Spirits of Samhain (illustration by Squeaking Cat)

‘Twas the dusky Hallowe’en —
Hour of fairy and of wraith,
When in many a dim-lit green,
‘Neath the stars’ prophetic sheen,
As the olden legend saith,
All the future may be seen,
And when — an older story hath —
Whate’er in life hath ever been
Loveful, hopeful, or of wrath,
Cometh back upon our path.

Extract from Song of the Deathless Voice
by Abram Joseph Ryan, 1880



Halloween pumpkin in 3D


This is the first of many pics I snapped at a spooky photoshoot in the Southampton Old Cemetery. Then with the wizardy of photogrammetry I have created a 3D model which now floats in the dark space of the internet (click on the sketchfab portal below).

Have a Happy Halloween!